If you are looking for the best crossfit in Malta – Join CrossFit F15

If you are looking for the best crossfit in Malta – Join CrossFit F15

Are you living in Malta and you are looking to start CrossFit? Are you looking to join a new gym in Malta?

If you are living in Malta and are looking for the best gym to level up your fitness, you might have heard of CrossFit F15.

CrossFit F15 is a gym located in Msida, Malta where you access various group classes ranging from CrossFit, weightlifting, gymnastics, conditioning, flexibility, barbell cycling and more.


Best Crossfit in Malta :

You can find many gyms in Malta, you can find many fitness classes in Malta, you can find many personal trainers in Malta, but can you find a lot of good ones? Gyms that will be able to motivate you, coach you properly, safely but also provide with a great overall fitness experience?


Best Crossfit in Malta : Why would choose CrossFit F15 for your fitness classes in Malta?

There are many reasons why CrossFit F15 is the best crossfit  Malta you want to be a part of !

Our team of coaches

Team F15 is a blend of experienced, knowledgeable, and professional coaches at your disposal to serve one main purpose:

✔️ Help you reach your fitness goal in the most effective, safe and friendly way 😍

Our team has been built to provide you with the finest fitness experience so that you can learn, progress and see the results you deserve!

Rodmar: Our professional weightlifter and coach. He will make sure that you learn all about Clean & Jerk – Snatch and will help you progress no matter you fitness level.

Victor: Our head coach has years of experience in coaching locally and abroad. He communicates his passion to you like no one else would. From CrossFit to Gymnastics, Victor has an eye to detail which will be beneficial to you

Lazar: Our youngest coach but definitely a highly knowledgable one. He has been trained by our head coach Victor to ensure he coaches you with the highest standards

Lorna: Our functional fitness and Functional strength coach but also sport’s therapist. Lorna will make sure your posture and your form are perfect. She will give you super progressions and exercises to activate your muscles properly and she will share with you her experience as competitive powerlifter.

Jael : Jael is a super Yoga coach who also trains CrossFit. She provides our members with a different approach to flexibility in order to complement our training

Best Crossfit in Malta : Our fitness group classes

Whether you want to improve your overall fitness, move weights properly, get stronger, fitter, more flexible or just get a good sweat and have fun, our timetable is made of various classes ranging from:

  • CrossFit
  • Weightlifting
  • Gymnastics
  • Calisthenics
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Barbell cycling
  • Competition preparation

to ensure that each aspects of the fitness are served 😍🔥

Our community

Best crossfit in Malta. Being part of a gym community gives you a sense of belonging, social support, and a place to share common interests and goals with others.

 A CrossFit F15 membership doesn’t mean that you’re just another member of a gym in Malta. It means that you are part of a supportive community

Our Facility

If you need to go back to work after your session, do not worry, we have 4 showers so you can get ready and be on your way right after your fitness class.

If you need to park, we have a parking 50 m down from the gym so you can avoid the waste of time of turning around to find a spot i the area even if parking is never so much of an issue

CrossFit F15, simply the best gym to join in Malta in 2021 !

The F15 experience is whole, join our gym in Malta, join our fitness classes in Malta, join our community !

How to get started with CrossFit F15 ?

If you have never done CrossFit or join any of our fitness classes in Malta you can call: +356 99651041 or message us on this number on whatsapp and request a first Free trial. You can also message us on our Facebook or Instagram page.

If you are already ready to get started you can download our mobile app: Resawod
Create your account and choose the package of interest in the section “Shop”

What you you waiting for? Join our team now by fill on the contact form 

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