Crossfit in Malta, the benefits?

Crossfit in Malta, what are the benefits of crossfit?

Twelve reasons to do crossfit in Malta

Benefit 1 – You will lose weight and tone your whole body

This is a point that I had begun to address in this article. In fact, it is important to know that building muscle also involves burning fat. The crossfit works a lot of muscles, so you will burn fat in a global way. Your whole body will tone up. It is as if your body becomes a fat burning machine! So you will quickly become a “fit”.

Benefit 2 – You will strengthen your heart.

The crossfit works on the intensity of the exercises, you will work your cardio a lot. You will therefore strengthen your heart muscles and have a better heart rate. In fact, some people think that crossfit is more effective than treadmill or rowing. Not to mention that it’s a lot less boring. No more reasons to miss your bus because you couldn’t hold a sprint!

Benefit 3 – You’ll live longer while keeping your youthfulness

One of the best ways to improve its longevity is to work on its mobility. Numerous studies have shown the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle. The crossfit focuses on functional movements and how to perform these movements well. So you will actually learn how to move well. No more standing on a chair or walking with a round back. You will learn to behave yourself and your body will thank you for it!

You should also know that crossfit is good against osteoporosis, the risk of having porous bones. Indeed, crossfit exercises increase the density of your bones. This may not worry you today, but you will be happy in your old age. Not to mention that this is in addition to strengthening your muscles and joints.

Benefit 4 – You will gain self-confidence

You’ll find that we all have different bodies, but there’s nothing wrong with that. On the other hand, getting stronger and thinner is a huge personal satisfaction. So you will want to become better versions of yourself! After seeing how far you’ve come, you’ll also gain confidence outside of crossfit. “If I’ve been able to do that, why should I be afraid of such a project? ». For women it can also be an opportunity to show that you are not inferior to men. 😉

Benefit 5 – You will gain independence and efficiency

You’ll be able to lift and carry certain things alone, which you couldn’t do before. The crossfit works on functional movements, everyday movements, you will also gain in efficiency.

Benefit 6 – You will be able to challenge yourself, have a goal and see your progress in a concrete way.

You will work on your physical but also your mental. The advantage of crossfit is the metrics. That is, everything is measurable. Number of repetitions of a WOD cycle, total time spent on an exercise, etc. Many exercises are standardised with names: “Fran”, “Annie”, etc. You can therefore also easily compare yourself to people of your own sex, age, weight, etc. There are also many applications that allow you to trace its evolution over time. It is an excellent vector of motivation and satisfaction!

Benefit 7 – You won’t get bored

One of the three principles of crossfit is “constantly varied”. The number of different exercises is very large and the possible combinations infinite. No routine with crossfit! This is one of its big strengths because the interest over time remains almost intact.

Benefit 8 – You will spend little time for great results

One of the other fundamental principles of crossfit is high intensity. Forget about extended workouts. In crossfit you will have to do a series of exercises for up to 15 – 20 minutes maximum for a WOD. You can imagine working for an hour doing several WODs, but rarely more than that. Finally that remains the theory, there are some drifts as seen in the last article. However nothing prevents you from doing only one WOD, it is something that I will recommend. In the end the intensity of crossfit will make you burn as many calories as any other sport. It is therefore a perfect sport for anyone who is short on time.

Benefit 9 – Anyone can do it
Crossfit is a sport that can easily be adapted to the individual’s level. Indeed, on the training sessions (the WODs), you will often find a number of repetitions or weight specifications. It is possible to reduce the number of repetitions or decrease weights for beginners. This way everyone can do the workout to his or her level. This is called scaling.

Benefit 10 – The spirit of mutual aid
One of the characteristics of crossfit in relation to certain sports is mutual aid. This is especially true compared to some fitness disciplines. Indeed, crossfit coaches put the emphasis on everyone encouraging each other when performing WODs. So the first to finish training should encourage those who have not yet finished. It is therefore a good-natured atmosphere that encourages encounters.
Benefit11 – It’s personal coaching but for less money

The coach is  able to follow each person individually. He can therefore understand their shortcomings, their difficulties and help them. You can therefore expect personalised advice at each session. Practicing with several people, the cost is less than a personal coach. Of course, I am talking about box practice, nothing prevents you from doing it alone at home. You will then have to invest in equipment.

Benefit12 – It encourages healthy eating
In order to improve your results, you’ll quickly want to improve your overall health. So you’ll want to improve the way you eat to make your meals more balanced. I don’t think I talk much about this aspect on this site. I am indeed not very comfortable with the subject.

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