What is the difference between Crossfit in Malta and circuit training

Difference between CrossFit and Circuit training or « CrossFit style training » : Choose your gym in Malta and your training method

Let’s start with a quick definition of CrossFit:


  • CrossFit is

    constantly varied, functional movements done at high intensity which MIXES weightlifting techniques (Snatch, clean & Jerk, …), Gymnastics (Muscle up, Handstand walk, Handstand push up, pull up, chest to bar, toes to bar…) and element of cardio (running, rowing, jumping rope, assault bike, ski erg..).

Workouts are short, very intense and mixes weightlifting techniques, gymnastics and cardio.

CrossFit is a training method created to highly improve your conditioning, strength, flexibility, mobility.


  • Circuit Training
    It simply means more than one exercise combined and done in a circuit like fashion (i.e. connected).

Circuit training is usually done with little accessories or bodyweight when CrossFit uses a lot of weightlifting techniques and more volume.

Circuit training exercises are mostly based on times (15 s to 45 s and you switch exercise) when CrossFit focused more on number of reps to be performed in a limited time which pushes you to go faster.

It’s not because you have done a lot of Circuit training or « CrossFit style » training that you actually did CrossFit.

If you have not used weightlifting techniques nor gymnastics in your workouts, then you did not do CrossFit.


If you think that you have done CrossFit, would you be able to perform the famous CrossFit Fran workout :

Fran requires individuals to perform 21, 15, and 9 reps of thrusters and pull-ups for time.

This requires weightlifting techniques combined with gymnastics

We cannot consider this type of workout as being a Circuit 🙂