Fat Loss VS Weight Loss



Your Nutritionist’s Tips Of The Week !

You’re probably wondering why your weight fluctuates so often, while you’re dieting to lose weight … πŸ€”

The answer is simple: muscle gain and water retention.

Today we are going to talk about water retention πŸ’¦
Let’s take a closer look at what happens to fat cells once you start a diet!

When you start a diet, you are in a caloric deficit, which means that you are giving fewer calories and nutrients to your body than necessary. It is the energy balance system that allows you to lose weight.πŸ“‰
By doing this, you force your body to use its internal energy reserves, your fat, to support the activities you inflict on it. Your fat cells will then begin to release the fat they contain to “fill in” the missing energy that does not come from your diet.

When the cells no longer contain fat, they fill up with water … yes they are stubborn!
It’s like a double check on your body that tells you, “Do you really want me to release that precious stored energy?

Yes, I want it ! πŸ‘Š

That’s why your weight can fluctuate:
– You empty your fat cells with your diet: weight loss
– Once empty, fill with water: weight gain

If you drink more than usual, you will gain even more weight because these cells are elastic. Be careful not to neglect hydration! Because drinking a lot of water helps you lose weight: I’ll explain it in a future post πŸ˜‰

I know it’s very frustrating to see your weight increase or stagnate when you’re dieting, but do not stop! Because after a while, the cells will understand that they are no longer used for nothing, and it will disappear forever!

Perseverance and rigor! The keys to effective fat loss