Choose your gym in Malta


Choose your gym in Malta. Crossfit gyms (or boxes) or even non affiliate functional training gyms have been growing up in Europe since 2012 and hundreds of them have been set up since then.

The reason is simple, CrossFit is one of the most efficient training method that provides visible and concrete results in a short period of time.

However, every box is different and here are some VERY IMPORTANT CRITERIAS to take into consideration before you make your decision. 

We will explain you how you can choose your gym in malta.


choose your gym in malta

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1: Choose your gym in Malta : THE COACH(ES), experience, qualification, training philosophy:

Choose your gym in malta by checking your coach qualifications.

A CrossFit level 1 does not mean anything.

Everybody can have it, it’s just a 2 days training. It does not make someone qualified.

Make sure your coach has other certifications or diplomas, such as state diplomas, weightlifting certification, swimming, conditionning as well as experience in coaching and training.


Your coach HAS to be able to teach, to find alternative options and to create drills so you can perform all the movements.

Showing a movement and telling you to do it is not coaching and you will never improve and understand the structure of a movement.

Your coach has to be here to motivate you but has to offer a programming that include SKILS!!!!

2: Choose your gym in Malta : THE PROGRAMMING

Choose your gym in Malta by checking the programming offered. As Greg Glassman (CF founder) said, the basis of the CrossFit method is to provide SHORT and INTENSE workouts, to develop your 10 physical qualities the programming must include skills, strength, work preparation to workout and intense workout. CROSSFIT MEANS HIGH INTENSITY, CONSTANTLY VARIED FUNCTIONNAL MOVEMENTS  A good chipper “from time to time” is good but making 30+ min WOD every day will never allow you to cover all your physical abilities and give you a good fitness level.  No one can do a 40 min wod with high intensity (don’t forget that to assess your fitness level we use benchmark which are almost all short but very intense). To sum up, you should think twice IF: –   A box does not have a structured programming for members.-   A box only offer 30+ min wod every day, chipper, hero wod or benchmarks-   A box focus more or only 1 aspect of CrossFit (like weightlifting) barbells should definitely not be used during every wod.


Most of the time, boxes that offer long workouts try to hide a lack of competence in teaching skills! Pay attention to it.

3: Choose your gym in Malta : THE COMMUNITY

Choose your gym in Malta by  checking out the vibes.

Crossfit is a group activity. It’s not like going to a regular gym to exercise alone. You will frequently meet the same people, sweat and measure up to them, and even laugh at it once the wod is over. If you do not like your community, it is unlikely to see you regularly at the box.

The need for human beings to belong to a community is not new and CrossFit’s community is as important as technique, coaching or programming.

Training in groups positively impacts the athletes’ commitment to the sessions, this translates into higher intensity and therefore more significant progress.

At CrossFit, warmly greet newcomers is a tradition and to encourage beginners and champions with the same enthusiasm.


The attention given to athletes is one of the strength of the CrossFit method.
Coaching requires attention to details and concentration to offer quality sessions.
An experienced coach can effectively manage a class of 10 to 12 people.
The goal is to offer quality supervision and make sure everyone train in all safety.


Choose your gym in Malta by checking the quality of equipment and the cleanliness of the gym.

Greg Glassman uses the cleanliness as a tool to assess the quality of a box. This reflects the way the company is managed and how members are treated.

The quality of the equipments is also important because as well as having an impact on your performance it would also have an impact on the risks of injuries.

For example, you can find different type of barbells on the market.

Cheap barbells with side connecting sleeves that do not turn properly would have a negative impact on shoulders and wrist’s articulations.

A box that invests in good equipments also invests in the comfort of their athletes.
This also reflects the way clients are treated.


Another article will be written to explain the price of CrossFit but obviously like anything else the price has to be taken into consideration. Don’t forget that it’s an investment in your health and that it should worth more than anything else.


Try the box.

Obviously. Most offer one or more free trial courses, so why not take advantage of it? Then you can try a week, a month or several courses and see if you really feel “at home”. Plus, with the new year, interesting promotions are coming and it’s time to enjoy!

Discuss with coaches and other athletes.

When you visit the gym or attend a class, talk about your goals to see if the gym is able to accompany you and other athletes to get a better feel for the atmosphere!

Talk about the box around you.

If you want to go to CrossFit, you certainly have a friend or acquaintances who have done it and have already tried several boxes! They will probably be able to give you a feeback. Without taking whatever you hear in cash, it might enlighten you. You will say that this makes a lot of criteria to choose a gym, yes!
But these are criteria to consider if you want to have fun training and not go there reluctantly or postpone continuously the next day. You can download our mobile app directy or you contact us now by fill on the contact form

That being said, Good Workout to you all!

choose your gym in Malta

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