Is Crossfit dangerous?

is crossfit dangerous
We heard a lot of people around us saying that CrossFit is dangerous, some without even having tried it. When asking why they are thinking that CrossFit is dangerous, their answers prove that they have no idea what CrossFit is about because you can injure yourself in any sport if you do it wrong.

I could talk about it for ages but let’s focus on the 2 main critics I have heard so far.

To sum up, CrossFit is a sport which mixes 3 disciplines : Cardio, Weightlifting and gymnastics. Workouts are usually intense with a lot of repetions unlike traditional gym workouts where bodybuilders look for muscles congestion.

Let’s start with critic number 1 : Is CrossFit dangerous as it can lead to injuries ?

It is probably the most popular critic even if no research are proving that CrossFit can lead to injuries more than any other sports. It’s likely possible to injure yourself while skiing, doing a marathon or playing football and we can even find new researches showing that you can injure yourself while doing yoga.

I think it is important to mention that the topic of injuries in CrossFit comes from the fact that this sport is getting more and more popular and obviously people talk about it, isn’t it ?

CrossFit is obviously like any other sport where a beginner needs to start step by step :

  • Learning of the basics
  • Learning how to perform proper movements and technics

If we are impacient, in a hurry and that we do not know the basics of this sport we will obviously do everything wrong. When one repeat something wrong a lot of times he will irremediablement going to injure himself.

In that case The problem is not the CrossFit in itself but the way you l’aborder.

Like traditional gym excercises, if you do not warm up well and rush to load your barbells you can also injure yourself and pull a muscle or even worse.

Before going hard or heavy, any beginners from any sports has to learn the basics, learn how to perform movements correctly. This is essential before trying to reach a specific performance or trying to beat the chrono.


If someone skip this step whether it is CrossFit or any other sports it is obvious that you can injure yourself.

We also hear that CrossFit coaches are not qualified enough.

It is true that to be a certified CrossFit coach you need to attend a training session of 2 days in a CrossFit affiliate. If you look closer, in CrossFit nothing is done au hasard. Trainers can take days to create a workout with an evolutive structure and which will help you improve your technics, strength and power.

Note that anyone can also get a personal trainer certification online and it will obivously not make them qualified to help you reach your fitness goals in a safe environnement.

Anyone that would be interested in CrossFit or any other type of exercises/workouts should be smart enough to do his own research, get to know your coach, his philosophy and see how one session work or participate to one session to be able to judge by himself.

No one can criticize a sport or judge it without having tried it.

CrossFit helps you improving your strength, your stamina, your mobility and flexibilty while training in a fun environement and socializing with other members.


What’s bad about it ?

At CrossFit F15 :

We focus on the quality of our trainers that do not only have a CrossFit Level 1 but have Universitary diplomas, accurate certifications and experience that make them qualified.

You will always have an initiation to make sure CrossFit is for you and will always be individually monitored to make sure you perform movements properly.

Safety is our key word.

To do so, we keep classes with maximum 10 people and we offer workouts with 3 levels from beginners to elite.

We always have alternative movements if one can perform something and we always consider people that suffered from old injuries.

Should you want to know more feel free to visit us and we would be happy to assist you further.

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