Please read the below, these are very important information about Booking / Unbooking and other rules

Note: CrossFit spirit = respect of your coach, the other members and community spirit.



  • You can book 2 classes per week with a limited membership
  • You can book 3 classes at one time with an unlimited membership
  • You can book 4 classes at one time with an unlimited+ membership
  • You do not have booking limits with a pack of sessionsIf you try to book more than the maximum at one time, the system will ask you to pay.

    Example : You can book a class for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. When the Monday class is finished, you can book the Thursday class and so on.

Kindly note that unbooking classes is mandatory.
Booking and not showing up to a class will automatically see the membership paused and a penalty will be incurred (penalty = 500 calories assault bike)



The system allows you to cancel a class up to 2 hours before its start.

If you cannot attend the class you would need to cancel in the appropriate timeframe :

  • Go on your Resawod app : « Bookings » – “Upcoming” – select the class, « Leave this activity »

    Past the cancellation time limit, you will not be able to cancel using the booking app.
    you have to message us on Facebook / Instagram : CrossFit F15 or via email: in order to inform us.Please note that late cancellations incur a penalty workout to be performed before your next class.

    Please kindly understand that we cannot be cancelling manually each member and it is the responsibility of each member to unbook on time. 

    This is set up in order to keep a good organisation in the gym and not to block others from coming.


Reasons we would not accept you in the class :

  • If you are 5 minutes late or more : This is for your own safety as you cannot miss the warm up, this is also a matter of respect toward the coach and the other members.
  • If you come in with your training shoes already on (from the outside) and don’t have your training shoes with you as we give a lot of importance to cleanliness.
  • If you use your mobile during the class or disturb the class
  • If you do not clean your equipment or chalk after useWe care a lot about the cleanliness of the gym and this for the well being of the members and because it’s better to workout in a clean environment. Also being on time is a matter of respect for your coach and for the others, not to slow the class down and make it late.
    Being on time means being ready to start and not to arrive when the class is starting!


Membership suspension :

  • We can only suspend / pause a membership for health reasons. CrossFit F15 needs to be informed immediately and be provided with a medical certificate. The certificate needs to indicate a date when the sport’s activity will be allowed again.


Refunds :

CrossFit F15 does not do refunds.