Lorna Cachia

Crossfit Level 1
Weighlifting Level 1
Muscles and movement specialist
Advanced strength methods specialist
L3-Diploma in sports injuries

Hi all, I’m Lorna

I have always been a sport enthusiast practically forever 😊 I started my sport’s career in Track & Field (athletics) since the early age of 10 years old!

My events were sprints (100m, 200m, 400m) and long jump and hurdles.

Luckily enough i had the opportunity to get to know what is functional strength training at that age, where during that period, lifting weights was still a taboo and as a female child even more!

As a young athlete i have always excelled in Strength and explosive plyometric work! At just 14years old i could lift 100kg back-squat and 120kg sumo-deadlift as far as I can remember! Attending secondary school I also found some passion for gymnastics.

However my forte were always sprints and jumps 😁 I have had competed in numerous competitions both local and international always placing at the top.

After 10 hard years of athletics i stopped for a while cause of injuries, school and other life matters.

I continued my sporting journey 2 years later when crossfit was just being introduced on the island. Crossfit endorses all the athletic elements as one – strength, power, speed, explosiveness, agility, coordination & flexibility — so obviously i got hooked!!

I have competed in some local crossfit, weightlifting and powerlifting events during another 2 years and then unfortunately I had to stop cause i have suffered my first embolism and got diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis under my right armpit.

👊5 year experience in sports massage reaching different people from different areas of sport.

👊L3- Diploma in holistic masssage
👊L3- Diploma in sports massage
👊L3-Diploma in sports injuries
👊L3- Diploma sports therapy (on hold)
👊Certificate Indian head massage
👊Award in thermal auricular therapy
👊 Certificate in marma point massage
👊Award in introduction to shiatsu
👊Certificate in aromatherapy

👊 Strength specialist
👊Advanced strength methods specialist
👊Corrective exercises specialist
👊 Muscles and movement specialist
👊Rocktape fascial movement tqping seminar
👊Rocktape RMC L1 Movement beyond mobility

👊 L3- Diploma in Diet & Nutrition for conplimentary therapies
👊 L3 Award in Nutrition for physical activity
👊 Weightlifting theory & practise certificate L1
👊KBT nutrition & weightlifting workshops
👊Physical education o’level

Athletic experience
👊Track & field from 10years -18 years (sprinting & long jump events) participated internationally
👊2 year total of crossfit
👊2year total for weightlifting
👊 Introduced to strength training since age 10
👊 Current main sport focus -powerlifting

However i am a still a work in progress project to fix my serious yet not so visible syndrome😅 ..so .. if i am able to make it …anyone can make it 👊😉


Pike Position HSPU (0”-5” Deficit)
Band Assisted bar Muscle-ups
Hollow Rocks

This is the third CrossFit box I've been to and it's by far, the best one. And here I'm telling you why: The coaches are focusing on the client, in the 1st place: our form, our improvement, and our enjoyment. Thanks!

Shelley Robertson

I like the location and the staff is very friendly and professional. I was impressed with the quality of equipment and my trainer was the highlight, indeed! Everyone is super friendly. I like the classes and variety.

Geoffrey Reed

Crossfit has changed my life. The obvious can be stated, Crossfit will make you look better. Crossfit has made me believe in myself. WOD’s that looked impossible I would accomplish one rep at a time.

Anna Black

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