Lorna Cachia
  • Crossfit Level 1
  • Weightlifting Level 1
  • Muscles and movement specialist
  • Advanced strength methods specialist
  • L3-Diploma in sports injuries

Hi all, I’m Lorna

I have always been a sport enthusiast practically forever 😊 I started my sport’s career in Track & Field (athletics) since the early age of 10 years old!

My events were sprints (100m, 200m, 400m) and long jump and hurdles.

Luckily enough i had the opportunity to get to know what is functional strength training at that age, where during that period, lifting weights was still a taboo and as a female child even more!

As a young athlete i have always excelled in Strength and explosive plyometric work! At just 14years old i could lift 100kg back-squat and 120kg sumo-deadlift as far as I can remember! Attending secondary school I also found some passion for gymnastics.

However my forte were always sprints and jumps 😁 I have had competed in numerous competitions both local and international always placing at the top.

After 10 hard years of athletics i stopped for a while cause of injuries, school and other life matters.

I continued my sporting journey 2 years later when crossfit was just being introduced on the island. Crossfit endorses all the athletic elements as one – strength, power, speed, explosiveness, agility, coordination & flexibility — so obviously i got hooked!!

I have competed in some local crossfit, weightlifting and powerlifting events during another 2 years and then unfortunately I had to stop cause i have suffered my first embolism and got diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis under my right armpit.

👊5 year experience in sports massage reaching different people from different areas of sport.

👊L3- Diploma in holistic masssage
👊L3- Diploma in sports massage
👊L3-Diploma in sports injuries
👊L3- Diploma sports therapy (on hold)
👊Certificate Indian head massage
👊Award in thermal auricular therapy
👊 Certificate in marma point massage
👊Award in introduction to shiatsu
👊Certificate in aromatherapy

👊 Strength specialist
👊Advanced strength methods specialist
👊Corrective exercises specialist
👊 Muscles and movement specialist
👊Rocktape fascial movement taping seminar
👊Rocktape RMC L1 Movement beyond mobility

👊 L3- Diploma in Diet & Nutrition for conplimentary therapies
👊 L3 Award in Nutrition for physical activity
👊 Weightlifting theory & practise certificate L1
👊KBT nutrition & weightlifting workshops
👊Physical education o’level

Athletic experience
👊Track & field from 10years -18 years (sprinting & long jump events) participated internationally
👊2 year total of crossfit
👊2year total for weightlifting
👊 Introduced to strength training since age 10
👊 Current main sport focus -powerlifting

However i am a still a work in progress project to fix my serious yet not so visible syndrome😅 ..so .. if i am able to make it …anyone can make it 👊😉

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