CrossFit Malta
  • CrossFit Level 1
  • Strength & Conditioning State diploma
  • Weightlifting Level 1
  • Gymnastics Level 1

Like all the F15 coaches, sport has always been an important part of my life. From playing football, tennis, swimming i found my strength in Judo 🥋 a sport i was passionate about and competed at national level for a few years to then bounce to boxing, muay thai & krav maga

After moving to Malta to set up my first company in 2012, i ended with no time for myself, no time for a social life and no time to train. I was trying to hit the gym once in a while but I was not getting results, i was gaining weight and slowly loosing motivation.

Once I managed to find a better balance in my life I coincidentally discovered CrossFit 😍

It was a life saver for me, I like challenge, i wanted to be fit again and i jumped into my first class as a total rookie and got smashed! And i loved it

I became addicted, lost 15kg in 3 months and quickly mastered all the Rx movements & weights.

Long story short, at some point, I was not finding a gym that was sharing my values and the coaching standards i believe someone deserved so I decided to partner with my brother @victor_crossfit_f15 , and to combine his extensive coaching experience in Paris with my experience at running a company.

This is how CrossFit F15 was born in 2016 🔥

I kept on training and attended various individual & team competitions abroad and I truly love everything about CrossFit. It is varied, it is fun, you become part of cool community and you are excited to hit the gym like a kid waiting for Santa to show up.

However, don’t expect to meet Santa but an F15 coach that wont offer you a toy but a nasty workout 😀🤩

That being said, about my role at F15, well I’m just the guy behind the scene who takes care of the paperwork, solves the problems and make sure the coaches can do their job in the best environment possible !

I’m here to help you set you up at F15, reply to any questions, guide you through your journey and ensure you are happy and taken care of!

F15 is more than just a gym, it’s a massive family of fun & cool people

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