Dear F15 Members,

We hope this email finds you well and pumped for the upcoming news.

First off all, if you are not a F15 member anymore, you can ignore this, you account will be forever deleted and you will not receive any more communications. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

If you currently have a membership, a pack of session or just created an account recently in the aim of joining, then this is for you. 

We are thrilled to share some exciting news that is bound to elevate your fitness experience with us! In our commitment to providing you with the best possible service, we are making significant enhancements to our gym software and mobile app. This upgrade is a testament to our dedication to ensuring that your fitness journey with us remains seamless, enjoyable, and technologically advanced.

What's Changing?

1. Gym Software and Mobile App Revolution: Welcoming Momence! Get ready to experience our latest gym software and personalised mobile app as we unveil Momence. Coupled with a complete overhaul of our mobile app, this enhancement goes beyond any other app on the market, it's a commitment to elevate your entire fitness journey.

  • Momence: As a recent entrant in the gym management software market, Momence is committed to continuous improvement. Anticipate a user-friendly interface, cutting-edge features, and a smooth experience that evolves with your needs.
  • Seamless Transition: Momence will seamlessly import your account and membership information. Expect an email with your new logins. Stay tuned for more details! We truly believe the app, UI and features will only get better and help us deliver even more as they have cool integrations that we need to explore. We really can't wait to enjoy what it has to offer.

2. Grand Unveiling: F15's New Gym in PAOLA! We are delighted to announce the signing of the lease for our eagerly awaited new gym in Paola. While we await the final permit and still depend on it, envision a stunning facility by the sea, offering easy accessibility with free parking and a whopping 1100 sqm of fitness bliss.

  • Space to Thrive: Picture 500 sqm dedicated solely to CrossFit with 6 m ceiling, 220 sqm for common areas including Sauna and Cold Plunge. That's not it, we are also taking over a 200 sqm warehouse underneath and will build our very own fitness studio under a new brand.

3. Membership Elevation: More Benefits, More Excitement! Our commitment to providing you with the finest fitness experience extends to refining our membership structure, ensuring you receive unparalleled value.

  • As we cannot distinguish memberships based on booking limit we had to restructure our memberships, consequently, the Unlimited+ Becomes the New Unlimited: We're consolidating memberships for a seamless experience and bringing you even more benefits.
    Unlimited options are now :
    1 Month : 99 euros / month 
    3 Months : 279 euros
    6 Months : 509 e or 89 euros / month 
  • You get to be allowed to book 4 classes in advance and not 3 anymore 😍

Exciting New Options: Introducing Flexi Memberships with 8 and 12 classes per month, offering flexibility and convenience. 

NOTE : Your current memberships will remain as is, only renewals will be on the new memberships available.

Example :

If you have 3 month remaining on your 6 month unlimited at 79 euros / month, it will remain as is until expiration of the membership.
Your sessions of your pack of session will be transferred.
If you have an unlimited membership at the moment, the booking limit at a time is still 3 and if you have an unlimited + it is 4.

Do not over book as you will get charged. 

4. Other Important information and changes :

1. Booking Limit

Unlimited memberships :

When you purchase a new membership : You can book a MAXIMUM of 4 classes at one time in advance instead of 3 with the previous unlimited option



2. Class cancellation

Before, you could cancel a class not later than 2 hours before the class, the limit is now 3 HOURS. The reason is that we assessed that 2 hours was too short for wait list to organise themselves to make it to the class, 3 hours is a more decent timeframe
Your reminder notification will be sent 4 hours instead of 3 hours before the class
6.30 AM classes will have to be cancelled not later then 11.30 PM the night before. 

This is a minor change but it should help the wait list join in easier. Most gyms we compared with have a much longer timeframe to cancel so we are still very flexible 🙂


NOTE : You will not need to advise us of a late cancellation any longer, saving us time and energy AND you will be able to cancel by yourself via your app. The system will let you cancel past the time limit and auto count it as a late cancellation.

3. Penalty policy

We are not able to auto freeze a membership for the usual 3 days period for 2 late cancellations or 2 no show

We had to adapt to the new software
For 3 late cancellations - a penalty fee of 9 euros will be automatically applied
For 2 no shows - a penalty fee of 9 euros will be automatically applied

Each no show or late cancellations, you will get an email to remind you the policy

The money collected will ALL be given to charity. We do not want to make money off this but it is the only way to fight abuse so at least everything will be given to a good cause and the gym remains organized !

4. Self Check in

You will now have to SELF CHECK IN on arrival at the gym

Two IPAD will be placed at reception and all you will need to do is to toggle on next to your name. (for class AND Open Gym)
We still have a lateness tolerance limit of 5 min, past 5 min into the class, you will not be able to check in and it will be counted as no show.

5. Your workout programs

In the app, next to class schedule, you will see a 'workout' button which will display you the workout of today and upcoming days 🙂

For now, the scoring feature works and you can input score but is not optimal so we will wait for an update to use it better

We always recommend you a separate logbook app to track your performance such as Wodbook 

6. Referral program

You will now find a section 'Refer & Earn' in your app.
Since many refer F15 to their relatives, it was time for us to give back to you. You will now be able to share your unique referral link to your friends.

As soon as your friend uses your link, he will get a 15 euros money credit enabling him to buy his first membership thanks to you. You will get a 15 euros money credit as soon as your friend spends 100 euros of membership. You will be able to use the amount for merchandise or to offset your next membership !

7. Milestones rewards :

Expect discounts and rewards based on your bookings ! The aim is to reward your consistency !

8. Book appointments:

You will be able to book physical or online consultation with our nutritionist from the section appointment of the app. It should ease the process of getting started with nutrition plans. 

More appointments will be created such as coach consultations, PT's and more

Why the Change? At F15, evolution is not just a philosophy, it's a way of life. The upgrades are driven by our commitment to providing you with the exceptional service you deserve. The revamped app offers clarity, ease of use, and integrated features, streamlining your fitness experience. We will be able to post the workouts in the workout section for more clarity and we will be able to add more than CrossFit workouts . Most importantly, it is allowing us to create more incentives and rewards for you guys. These are just some of the upgrades as we are currently learning about their other integrations.

What's In It for You? The benefits are endless:

Exclusive App Features:
Enjoy the best app in Malta

Membership Perks: Free water during workouts, referral discounts, and milestone rewards for your dedication (in the form of discounts or credits) are a few incentives we will start with

Additional Rewards: 3 to 6-month memberships come with a free t-shirt and the ability to book a free guest every month via your app.

Access to Both Facilities: We're creating a membership for access to both facilities once up and running.


- We aim to transition Thursday night this week and to be live Friday (this is why the schedule on Resawod is not there next week)
- Your membership or pack of sessions will be migrated, if you notice any mistakes please kindly advise us by EMAIL so we can look into it.


1) You will get an email the day before the transition with a RESET password link. You will then be able to download the new app and log in with you email address and new password
2) You will need to update your payment method and for those who use monthly membership, we will advise you to input an iban ( a video will show you how to do it but it should be super easy)

That should really be it from your side 

We've meticulously evaluated our market position, ensuring that these enhancements align with our dedication to providing you with unmatched value.

We can't wait for you to experience the improved F15 mobile app. Our team is working tirelessly to ensure a seamless transition, and we genuinely believe that these changes will significantly improve your fitness journey with us.

We will get your feedback after launch and adjust some settings to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. Thank you for being a valued member of our community. We appreciate your continued trust and look forward to serving you better than ever before.

Best Regards,

Your team