CrossFit F15 is one the best gyms in Malta ! It dedicate its life to one purpose, to help you become the best version of yourself no matter your level or your age. Please kindly find below more information about the CrossFit F15 gym in Malta.

Do you want be part of one of the best CrossFit gym in Malta?

Please kindly have a look at the below and you will find the reasons why our gym is made for you !

The Location 

Crossfit F15 in Malta offers you the opportunity to reach your fitness goal in a unique place located in the nicest area of Msida, right next door to NSTS and a few meters away from the running track and the national swimming pool.

58 Triq L-Universita, Msida.

CrossFit F15 is a gym of more than 400 sqm of space in an unbeatable location where access and parking is not a problem.

The equipment

At CF F15 we have strived to provide you with a dynamic space with top equipment so you can enjoy this great sport.
You will find gymnastics rigs, concept 2 rowers, ski ergs, assault bikes, bikes, barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, sleds, squat racks & more.
Our gym is fully equipped with Hatlex and Box PT to guarantee you with top equipment.

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The facility

CrossFit F15 is equipped with 2 showers for males and 2 for females which allow you to train, shower and go back to work ! We also have 2 toilets
At the entrance you will be greeted and will see the reception where accessories, merch, water, a vending machine and food supplements can be found.
We make a point to keep the gym clean as the well being of our members is of top priority.
You cannot feel good in a dirty gym CrossFit F15 is probably the most clean gym around.

The classes 



CrossFit F15 is one of the gym with the largest variety of classes, you will find :

CrossFit classes

These are the typical classes mixing elements of cardio, gymnastics, and weightlifting. The class lasts one hour, starts with a warm up, teaching of a skill, some strength and a short an intense workout

Gymnastics class

If you like gymnastics, want to learn pull ups, muscle ups, handstands or just want to work on some weaknesses, the gymnastics class will teach you everything step by step no matter your level.

Strength class

 This class aims to help you develop your strength, strengthen your joints, and improve your posture. You will squat, deadlift, bench press, press and you will be taught all the techniques to ensure safety and sustainability. It is a great class to build strong foundations !

Weightlifting class

 If you want to learn Olympic weightlifting, clean and jerk, snatch, this class is for you. We will teach you how to use a barbell, get stronger, make sure you do it with the proper form. You will work on many skills, strength accessories in order to help you improve your weightlifting techniques.

Conditioning class

This class focuses on building you a strong engine. Meaning improve your cardio and stamina using rowers, bikes, run, ski erg, skipping ropes and incorporating some kettlebells or dumbbells. You will sweat and get much better endurance !

Team workout

The team workout is a CrossFit class where the workouts are performed as a team. It is fun, you push hard and use strategy to finish faster than other teams. It is a great way to meet people and to have fun while getting in shape.

Swole & Flexy

This is a class focusing on helping you improve your mobility. It is not intense but is not easy as you might discover you are not as flexible and mobile as you think you are. It is great to prevent injury, optimize your weightlifting, overhead movement and is overall very healthy for your posture and your body.

Competition prep

 You are an advanced CrossFitters and want to join a longer class with more volume ? This class will give you what you need ! You will do some weightlifting, strength and a tough workout (individual or as a team). Great fun and a lot of sweat !

Our classes last one hour and are fully coached by certified and experienced coaches.

We make a point to only work with the best and to offer you nothing but the best. You will meet different personalities, benefit from the knowledge of different trainers and will have fun while getting in great shape !

A typical class looks like this : 
  • You start with a warm up to prepare your body
  • You will learn a skill (pull up, handstand, weightlifting..) or will work on strength
  • You will perform the workout (known as WOD or Metcon) – high intensity for most classes
  • You will have a cool down, some mobility work and some stretching
  • You will learn and have great fun in a super friendly environment.

All classes are suitable to any fitness level as each offer a beginner level, an intermediate level and an advanced level. We can scale every movement to your level and all you need to do is show up to the gym and let us guide you ! Trust us, we know the process.


Gymnastics, calisthenics

The coaches 

The coaching team is made of the best skilled trainers you can find in Malta and each of them are accredited, certified and highly experienced which is one of the reasons CrossFit F15 has such a good reputation.
We can teach you anything, safely and in a fun way.

Our community 

CrossFit F15 is much more than the average gym in Malta, it is a community of friendly and fun people, when you join our gym, you do not just join a gym, you join a family where you will make friends, you will be empowered and motivated which will help you to push more and get insane results.
You will not even believe it yourself until you take a step back and realise what you achieved.
On top of that, to make sure we have a strong bond, we organise events, parties, sport activities, we hang out and chill and you will love it !
If you are ready to take your fitness journey to the next level, simply click here and follow the steps you will find further down : Join CrossFit F15
We cannot wait to meet you !
Your team F15

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