CrossFit F15 head coach
Victor Candia

Head coach and co-owner of CrossFit F15, Victor is without a doubt the most knowledgeable coach you can find in Malta. With over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry, 6 as CrossFit owner and 3 years of running his own Gymnastics programming, his eye to details makes him the sharpest coach in the game !

CrossFit Malta
Yann Candia

Co-owner and manager, Yann’s role is to ensure the good functioning of the gym, make sure members are being taken care but also to coordinate all the gym operations. Organising events for the community is also part of his tasks !

Lazar Kavaji

Lazar is one coach of a kind. His knowledge in sport, performance, techniques and achieving results is out of this world. With over 6 years of experience in CrossFit, BodyBuilding and Olympic Weightlifting, he will be able to build an amazing training plan that will allow you to reach any goal you may have !

Lorna Cachia

Lorna is an amazing coach with extensive experience in Strength, Conditioning, Powerlifting but she is also a highly knowledgeable sport’s therapist who can help anyone suffering from a current or past injury !

Personal training Malta
Ivana Delia

Ivana is one of most recent F15 coach and already is an amazing asset to the team. As well as being the vice champion of Powerlifting in Malta, Ivana has an extensive experience in Strength and Conditioning as well as Gymnastics and Weightlifting. She will undoubtably help you reach any fitness goals you may have, whether you want to improve your fitness or learn some specific skills !

Personal training Malta
Jael Persiano

Meet Jael Persiano, our super CrossFit, Mobility, Yoga coach and more ! Whether you want to improve your fitness level or your mobility and flexibility, Jael will be the perfect coach for you ! She currently run CrossFit group classes as well as group and private Mobility classes and everyone love it !